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A Lubeck Memory
Bill Anderson  11th  Air Formation Signals, Lubeck 48

I lie here still, beside the hill, abandoned long to natures will.
My buildings down, my people gone, my only sounds the wild birds song.
For mighty birds will rise no more, no more the Pratt and Whitney’s roar.
And never now my bosom feels, the rumblings of their giant wheels.
Laughter, sorrow, hope and pain, I shall never know these things again.
Emotions that I came to know, of strange young men so long ago.
In future should the buildings fall, bury me beyond recall.
I shall remember them, those wide spread wings of my flying men.
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 In February of 2015 Dagmar Zadrazilova, a great supporter of the British Berlin Airlift Association, asked if we would like to publish her story of Tempelhof Airport.  We gladly accepted her offer since the publication gives a very good history of one of the airfields used for the Berlin airlift.

Dagmar has spent many years in research of the airlift and we are sure you will find her story of great interest.