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     The blockade of Berlin was the result of a situation which developed mainly as a consequence of decisions made during the war. It was the climax of one phase of a planned deliberate attempt by the Russians to force the Western Allies out of Berlin.
    At the end of the war the Western Allies stood considerably in advance of the agreed boundary line between their own and the Soviet Zones of  
Occupation. The Russians, however, occupied Berlin and it was 10 weeks before an agreement was reached under which the Russians advanced to the boundary and the British and American forces entered the city. During this time the Russians despoiled much of what remained in the city, stripping its modern factories and the most modern power station, Berlin West which was in the British Sector.

     It was obvious that co-operation and good faith on the part of all the Allies would be required if co-ordinate and effective government of Germany was to be obtained. Unfortunately the Russian attitude prevented this. Owing to the lack of any Russian desire for collaboration, the four-power control of Berlin was bound to fail and gradually the administration of the Eastern and Western Sectors of the city became two separate cities with separate governments and separate police forces.

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