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British Airbases used in Germany during the Berlin Airlift
- In the British sector, Berlin.  Initially a grass airfield - Luftwaffe training station in Berlin, the
                           A bomber base to 1940 - Then used by single or twin engined fighters.  The runway was
Built after the war and the Station was used by Royal Air Force Fighter planes.
Airlift:  Dakotas from the 25th June 1948, and then by Avro Yorks and used throughout the Airlift.
Wunstorf -
Fuhlsbuttel -
Civil airport for Hamburg.
Airlift;  British Civil aircraft fuel tankers.
equivalent to the Royal Air force Cranwell.
Airlift:  Used by the Royal Air Force, United States Air Force and British Civilian aircraft
                   A new airfield built by the Americans in the French sector of Berlin during the Airlift and
opened for traffic in November 1948.  It is now the principal commercial airport for Berlin.
Airlift:  Used by the United States Air Force and British Civilian aircraft.
Tegel -
                              The pre-war civil airport for Berlin and in the American sector.
Airlift:  Used by the United States Air Force on flights from Rhein-Main near Frankfurt and Wiesbaden
Tempelhof -
                                The widest stretch of the Havel river and adjacent to Royal Air Force Gatow.
Airlift:  The lake was used by Royal Air Force Sunderland flying boats.  Ceased to be in December
1948 when ice on the water became a hazard.
Havel Lake -
                     Built 1935 - Initially used by Heinkel HE111’s - Then became a fighter training station,
later Junkers JU88 night fighters.
Airlift:  Dakotas from 29th August 1948 to 23rd December 1949.
                           During the war was a technical training station - used 1946/47 as an Royal Air Force
Fighter base.
Airlift:  Dakotas from 29th July 1948 - United States Air Force C54’s from 21st August 1948  to
1st September 1949.
Fassberg -
                 Built 1935 - Became Luftwaffe training school.
Airlift:  United States Air Force C54’s from 16th December 1948 to 1st September 1949
Celle -
                                       1936 a glider club - Night fighters during the war.
Airlift:  Hastings from 11th November 1948 to 5th October 1949.  British Civil four-engined aircraft from
25th November 1948 to 16th August 1949 - mainly fuel tankers.
Schleswigland -
                                     Used as an Airlift flying boat base on the river Elbe at Hamburg.
Airlift:  Sunderlands from 5th July 1948 to 16th December 1948.
Finkenwerder -