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Aircraft Used
Avro Tudor
Short Sunderland
Avro York
Douglas Dakota
Handley-Page Halton
Handley-Page Hastings
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Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces

Douglas Dakota, Avro York,
Handley Page Hastings, Short Sunderland

Civil Aircraft

Douglas Dakota (19)
Avro Lancastrian (17)
Consolidated Liberator (3)
Handley Page Halifax/Halton (41)
Bristol Freighter/Wayfarer (6)
Avro Lincoln (1)

United States Air Force

Douglas C47 Skytrain
Douglas C54 Skymaster
Boeing C97 Stratofreighter
Fairchild C82 Packet
Douglas C74 Globemaster 1
 Airlift Accidents and Fatalities (British)
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Total Fatalities 39
Royal Air Force; 18
British Civil Airlift; 21
Lancastrian G-AHJW - Flight Refuelling Ltd - Thruxton, England - 22nd November 1948 - 7 Crew& Passengers killed.
York G-AHFI - Skyways Ltd - Berlin Gatow 15th March 1949 - 3 Crew killed.
Halton G-AJZZ - Lancashire Aircraft Corporation - Schleswigland - 3 Crew killed.
Halton G-AKAC - World Air Freight - near Berlin Tegel - 4 Crew killed.

Ground accident at Berlin Gatow - 8th December 1948 - Air Freight Ltd 1 Pilot killed on the tarmac by a lorry

Ground Accident at Schleswigland - 15th January 1949 - 3 Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ground Engineers killed.